Guide: How can I get Botox results without the injections?

Aging and your skin

Aging of the population and long term exposure to the sun in previous decades when tanning was fashionable, has resulted in a large percentage of the population having photodamaged skin. Because of the longer life expectancy and changes in life style, the skin changes resulting from damage by UV are no longer acceptable to many adults, especially those from the so called “baby boom generation”.

The anatomy and biochemistry of wrinkled skin is complicated and includes permanent changes in the structure of the dermis and epidermis and changes in the structure of the macromolecules involved in maintenance of skin elasticity and thickness. Because of the complexity of mechanisms involved in the development of wrinkles, actual improvement in the anatomy and biochemistry of wrinkled skin is a long process and can only be improved to some extent.

There are many treatments said to improve the appearance of aging skin, but only one of them, injections of botulinum toxin, trademarked as Botox, has a clear effect on wrinkles by inhibiting the capacity of the facial muscles to contract.

How Botox works
Botulinum toxin works by binding to the cell membrane of the nerve cells, the neurons. The botulinum toxin breaks down a protein on the membrane blocking the release of the neurochemical, acetylcholine, that transmits the impulse. Without acetylcholine release, the muscle is unable to contract and the wrinkle is smoothed out.

Use of botulinum toxin for wrinkles is only suitable for a minority because it has to be injected every few months by a doctor. Besides, the method has the potential for causing accidental permanent paralysis of face muscles.

Other treatments supposed to smooth out wrinkles consist in the application of creams containing a peptide called argireline, designed to have some homology to a protein involved in transmitting the impulse. These treatments require long term use and their efficacy has not been demonstrated.

Celestite: Botox for Cinderella
Our Celestite plumps the skin but lasts just for a few hours, what I call the “Cinderella effect”. There is no need for injections and because the effect s only temporary, is also much safer.

Application of the solution as a spritz smoothed out the skin and lips, and increased turgidity within a few minutes. This effect lasts for about 4 hours. Another advantage is that the spritz can be applied on make up and still do its job.

A bonus effect of the Celestite Spritz by Skin Actives Scientific is that it will also help calm down the flushing suffered by rosacea sufferers. The spritz main diluent is neroli (Citrus aurantium, bitter orange) flower distillate, so the spritz is also refreshing and has a most beautiful, completely natural, fragrance. Another main ingredient in the spritz is strontium, a naturally occurring element used to prevent osteoporosis. In short, I think that Celestite spritz is a great alternative for those who would like to look great but don’t feel like using Botox.

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