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Specialty Proteins and Growth Factors

How and Why: Specialty Proteins by Skin Actives Scientific


Why use SAS proteins? 

• Pure 
• Effective (high activity) 
• No fillers 
• Add immense value for relatively low price 
• Made using synthetic DNA (No human DNA contamination) 
• Will reach your customer with full potency 
• Easy to formulate: add at room temperature 
• Delivered within 2 business days of order

Functions of proteins 

• Structural support and movement (collagen, elastin) 
• Enzymes (maintaining redox status, repair, antimicrobial) 
• Cell membranes (interaction with the outside world and between compartments) permeability, receptors, receptor binding

Why proteins? 

• They are very powerful
• They don’t need to enter a cell to do their job 
• The nearest to miracle ingredients: epidermal growth factor, keratinocyte growth factor are messengers of organized growth and protein synthesis

How do we make proteins?

• Make the DNA that will code for the desired protein (sh vs. rh) 
• Insert the DNA in a suitable vector 
• Insert the vector in a suitable bacterium 
• Culture the bacteria and push them to make the desired protein 
• Extract the protein and purify 
• Test the protein for purity and activity

Evidence: Thousands of scientific publications by independent researchers 

• Epidermal growth factor (75,000) 
• Keratinocyte growth factor (6,000) 
• Superoxide dismutase human (15,000) 
• Methionine sulfoxide reductase (1,100)
We have specialty proteins available for custom formulations, bulk quantities and wholesale pricing. 
Please contact us at or 480-813-5633 for more info and pricing. 


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