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Pumpkin Enzyme Peel



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This enzymatic peel product is a natural, gentle enzyme "peel" that you can use straight from the bottle. Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) proteases hydrolyze proteins, exfoliating dead skin cells and impurities while delivering vitamins and nutrients to the skin.

This peel leaves the skin cleansed and silky smooth. You can also find Pumpkin Enzyme Peel in our Exfoliation Set.

First, test the peel on the inside of your arm. If the pure peel is too strong for your skin, dilute with our Sea Kelp Coral until you find a strength that is suitable for you.

Avoiding the eyes and lips, apply a thin layer of Pumpkin Enzyme Peel to clean, non-irritated skin once or twice weekly and let sit for 3-10 minutes (depending on skin sensitivity). Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Complement this active with your favorite nutritive cream, preferably including our Sea Kelp Bioferment, and Rosehip Seed Oil to supply all nutrients required by the new skin cells.

Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) Enzyme.

Exfoliation will help keep your pores open and free of blackheads and acne. It will also help more quickly show your younger, new skin thanks to SAS' products.

There are three ways of exfoliating your skin: sandpaper or similar (crystals used in microexfoliation), chemical peels, and enzymatic peels.

Chemical peels are acid solutions that will break down the proteins in the most external layers of the skin if used with caution (used without caution they will burn the skin).

How about proteases? These are proteins with enzymatic activity. They will break down very specific bonds linking amino acids in proteins, breaking down those proteins. They will not penetrate very far at all, so they are very safe.

Customer Reviews**

  • Author: Christina
    Best product ever. A clear liquid and one drop goes a long way. I have a very high tolerance for glycolic acid so this may not help other people. Definitely not for everyone to use other than a peel. But for me it keeps acne at bay if I use it daily after moisturizer and don't wash off. I even bike to work and the sweat usually causes trouble even though I wash face immediately afterwards. But not any more. After washing I apply moisturizer then a Pumpkin Enzyme drop smoothed on each side of face. I used benzoyl peroxide (I know, gasp, horrible) but before the Pumpkin Enzyme it was the only thing that prevented deep breakouts, even with your wonderful White Willow Bark Salicylic Acid keeping 90% of acne away. Glad I haven't had to use benzoyl peroxide for a month now. It would leave brown burns. Good riddance to that stuff. I love THIS so much better.
  • Author: Marites
    This has been my bestfriend for the past 2 months since I had a massive hormonal pimple breakout....It has help lighten all the black spot in my if I can only find some from skin actives that would totally get rid of the marks....i would be completely satisfied.
  • Author: Marlena
    Very effective yet gentle peel. One of the best I've tried!
  • Author: AIA
    Used this with the exfoliation powder. Love it! Very gentle, and easier to use than a mask. My combination skin and mild rosacea had no problem with this. My face was clean, soft and ready for serums!
  • Author: Rachelle Mankini
    I don't get it. I felt nothing!! I don't know if an ingredient was missing or what. But it was like putting water on my face and I felt nothing and it DID nothing. Very disappointed and I have used many many products from this company.
  • Author: Bee
    I used to think exfoliation had to be physical. I fell in love with an exfoliator that used both acid and jojoba beads, but it was $75/jar and I just couldn't justify the expense. Never mind, Pumpkin Enzyme Peel exists and is even more perfect (and inexpensive)! I have sensitive, fair, dry skin and this works beautifully for me. I spread a few pumps over my face and relax in the tub (it doesn't really feel like anything is happening, but don't worry!). Halfway through I rinse it then spread some Sea Kelp Ultramarine and Rosehip Seed Oil... gorgeous! My skin is like satin afterwards. Definitely definitely definitely try this.
  • Author: Lauren Carpenter
    This enzyme peel is just fabulous. So refreshing, gentle, and easy to use. I just leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing and it feels really great.


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