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Hydrolyzed Collagen



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**Formerly Called Natural Active Peptides**


Hydrolyzed Collagen is a mix of small size (below 5,000 MW) peptides derived from marine collagen. These peptides will help moisturize and supply your skin with amino acids that will be used in collagen synthesis. They are also likely to work as signal molecules, making your skin cells synthesize new collagen just as they do when skin is damaged.

This is one of the few animal derived actives we have; plants don’t make collagen, so “phytocollagen” (a marketing invention), does not exist. Because of this, Natural Active Peptides are not suitable for vegans.

Each tube is enough for 16 fl oz of cream or lotion at approximately 1% concentration (5 g in 480 mL cream). Use in your favorite cream or add to our Canvas Base Cream or our Sea Kelp Coral. It may be helpful to mix the Hydrolyzed Collagen with a small amount of warm water first, making it easier to incorporate into your cream or lotion.


Marine Collagen Peptides. INCI: collagen hydrolyzate.

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