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Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C)



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Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate will be transformed by skin enzymes into Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C). Use MAP as an antioxidant, to improve skin elasticity, and to decrease wrinkles through stimulation of collagen synthesis. It also reduces redness, promotes wound healing, and suppresses pigmentation.

Products that contain magnesium ascorbyl phosphate include Shiseido UV White Control and Protect Base, Shiseido Revital Cream, ULTIMA II Vital Radiance Skin Renewing Toner, ~H2O+ Plus Waterwhite Brightening Tonic, and La Prairie Cellular Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Spot Cream.

Use caution when adding MAP to a cream, as it can affect the texture and cause the cream to liquify. This will not affect the activity, merely change the texture. This happens because MAP has a lot of salts which cause a change in the interaction of the molecules in the cream. Mixing MAP with a Sea Kelp base has little to no effect on texture. Because of this, we recommend mixing MAP with Sea Kelp or Glycerin first, then adding that mixture to your cream.

Each tube is enough for 4 fl oz of cream, lotion, or gel at approximately 10% concentration (10 g in 120 mL cream). Use in your favorite cream or add to our Canvas Base Cream or our Sea Kelp Coral.



Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate.

MAP is a stable form of vitamin C, an antioxidant and a cofactor for an enzyme crucial in the synthesis of collagen (prolyl hydrolase). As an antioxidant agent, vitamin C scavenges and destroys reactive oxidizing agents and other free radicals. Because of this ability, it provides important protection against damage induced by UV radiation (and the DNA mutations and cancer that may result from it).

Vitamin C also reduces redness, promotes wound healing, suppresses cutaneous pigmentation, and improves skin elasticity and decreases wrinkles by stimulating collagen synthesis. Because body control mechanisms limit the amount of ingested vitamin C available to skin, topical antioxidant therapy becomes an efficient way to target vitamin C directly to the skin. This is the "real" ester-C, a more stable form of ascorbic acid, and will stimulate collagen synthesis.

Takashima, Hiromichi; Nomura, Hiroaki; Imai, Yoshio; Mima, Hiroyuki (1971) Ascorbic acid esters and skin pigmentation. American Perfumer and Cosmetics, 86: 29-36.

Customer Reviews**

  • Author: Angela
    I can not tolerate ascorbic acid, but MAP works well on my skin! I was always under the impression I could not use any vitamin C at all on my skin - until I discovered MAP and the 'Lets Make Collagen' serum .
  • Author: Pamela
    WOW ... blended your MAP with Canvas Cream, Antiox Boost, couple drops Tamanu Oil and just a pinch of Coffee Fruit Extract to mix up an amazing Vitimin C serum. Tried just a little from this batch on the back of my winter-roughened hand right after mixing it up -- and voila! -- it transformed the skin before my eyes, from chapped, raw and dry to soft, smooth and plump. (Yes the salts in MAP DO liquify the Canvas Cream, but since it's a serum, that's not really a problem. Would be perfect if you sold a pump lid to go with your jar, though). The mix is superb on the face, soaks right in and leaves it soft and youthful. Effects last! My business partner is so intrigued with the results that he's asked me to mix up a batch for him. I'll be adding a bit of Quercetin and a little Rosehip Seed oil to his mix, to help some faint scars left on his face from long-ago teenaged acne. Oh ... I must add that, prior to going the DIY route, I was a long-time user of serums and creams costing hundreds of dollars. None of them even comes close to matching your results! A thousand thanks from both of us ... !!!
  • Author: Jill
    Wish I knew if this would have been effective. I added an amino booster to it and it immediately smelled like a dead rat. Very pungent smell. I will ask before I add anything extra. 4 ounces of cream, Map and amino booster had to be trashed. Bummer.


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