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Ferulic Acid

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Ferulic Acid
Size: 5 Grams

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Skin Type Combination     Dry Skin     Normal Skin     Oily Skin    
Sex Male     Female    
Body Part Body     Face    
Solubility Recipe Cream    
Product Style Do It Yourself    
Age 20s/30s     40s/50s     60+    
Ingredient Type Botanical Extract (Powder)     Powder    
Need/Issue Antioxidant Rich     Cancer Prevention     Sun Damage    

An antioxidant with a nice scent, Ferulic Acid is also known as Cinamic Acid.

Add Ferulic Acid to your favorite cream to easily make a fantastic antioxidant, photoprotective (protects the skin against UVB-induced erythema), and cancer preventive cream. It will also help stabilize the very unstable ascorbic acid.

This is the active in Skinceuticals CE ferulic serum.

A potent antioxidant, ferulic acid protects skin from UV induced erythema by absorbing UV before it reaches the skin (photoprotective) and by preventing lipid peroxidation and the consequent damage to cell membranes. It has also been shown to have chemopreventive activity, preventing a variety of cancers in different tissues including the skin.

Each tube is enough for 16 fl oz of cream or lotion at approximately 1% concentration (5 g in 480 mL cream). Use in your favorite cream or add to our Canvas Base Cream or a Sea Kelp base.

Lin F-H; Lin J-Y; Gupta R D; Tournas J A; Burch J A; Selim M A; Monteiro-Riviere N A; Grichnik J M; Zielinski J; Pinnell S R (2004) Ferulic Acid Stabilizes a Topical Solution Containing Vitamins C and E and Doubles its Photoprotection for Skin , J Invest Dermatol 125: 826-32.

Lesca, P. (1983) Protective effects of ellagic acid and other plant phenols on benzo[alpha]pyrene-induced neoplasia in mice. Carcinogenesis, 4(12), 1651-3

Ferulic Acid

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