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DMAE Serum 4%


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Skin Concern: Anti-aging

Skin Type: All skin types

Dr. Sivak's Notes:

This product provides a cosmetic effect that temporarily improves the firmness of the skin and helps reduce the visual appearance of wrinkles.

DMAE Bitartrate contains a lot of salt, therefore it has a tendency to dry out the skin. Please do not use if you already have very dry skin, or be sure that you use a moisturizer to keep skin moisturized.

This formula is great for special occasions or other short-term uses, however we recommend Collagen Serum for a more long-term benefit.

Apply a thin layer to clean skin twice daily to temporarily tighten skin.


Distilled Water (Aqua), Lactobacillus/Kelp Ferment Filtrate, Porphyridium Extract, Laminaria Japonica Extract, Arthrospira Extract, Sodium PCA, DMAE Bitartrate (L), Bisabolol (alpha), Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Endosperm, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Guaizulene, Propylene Glycol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

DMAE improves the firmness of the skin and helps reduce the visual appearance of sagging skin, although the mechanism of action is unknown. It is an amine-based alcohol, a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, present in nerve tissue in small amounts and more abundant in fish. DMAE acts as a free radical scavenger due to the high electron content of its nitrogen atom. Once phosphorylated, DMAE is incorporated into the membrane of cells. In addition, DMAE is an immediate precursor to choline, which is involved in cell membrane biosynthesis.*


(*See reference tab for scientific resources)


Customer Reviews**

  • Author: Amy
    The first time I used this product! I honestly couldn't believe it! I felt like I had a face lift!! It is amazing stuff! It actually has improved the texture and cellular integrity as well! I would recommend it to everyone! Thank you, Amy Zilka
  • Author: Marlena
    This serum does what it says, it really works on lines and wrinkles immediately, and my mum, grandma, and I love this! Instant lifting, and works great under sunscreens and make up. Also good for acne skin as it dries skin a little bit.
  • Author: Lynnette
    Hi there. I'm new to skin actives. Very excited about finding these products. When I received my first order, I think I was little overzealous to get started. I broke out in a rash where I put the DMAE serum. I since heard from Hannah that the product is not really for dry skin. Does anyone know what other product whether in cream of serum form is suitable for dry skin and will still have tightening properties?
  • Author: Angela
    I use it during the day, underneath the Mitochondria cream. It gives me moisture and nutrition and calms my skin.
  • Author: Beena
    I don't have issues with sagging skin but I can feel this product working. DMAE is well known and contained in many beauty products. This is a decent product for those who have sagging skin-anywhere on their body.
  • Author: Sarana
    I don't usually leave reviews but I have to say this is my favorite serum and really firms and lifts right away. I have done away with all the other lifting brands I've tried and use this exclusively. I don't use it in my chin area which tends to be dry and starts to flake if I use too much.
  • Author: Michelle
    I bought this for my mom who is in her 50s & she LOVES it. She says people compliment her on her skin when she's using it. She doesn't have a lot of fine lines, but rather, "loose skin" on the face from aging (ie. jowels & under eye bags). This tightens her skin up & gives her a glow.
  • Author: Christina McCarthy
    Another SAS winner! Tightens my face, helps conceal fine wrinkles.
  • Author: Christine Goodhall
    love this product although I overused it when I first started-because of the great results & broke out in pimples. Although more is not always better I've ordered the large bottle for all over use.
  • Author: Chris
    I haven't noticed any difference except for dry skin and therefore a much faster turn-over rate. It will cause a great deal of my skin to shed/renew from my face every few days. Not a bad thing in itself, buy it is really just due to the salt/dryness. Maybe I am too young to see a benefit, does not seem to tighten at all for me. Anyone else notice this?
  • Author: Karen B
    I purchased all 4 serums. Antioxidant, DMAE, Collagen and Lipid. Over a 3 weeks time frame, I have used all 4 consistently but especially collagen and dmae. My skin is glowing!!! Surface winkles are gone and skin is lifted big time!
  • Author: Kylie
    40yrs old, 6 children and 1 Grand child. I live in New Zealand and the NZ sun is the worst in the world due to our lack of ozone protection, so I do have the beginning signs of sun damage from being out on the boat fishing. In saying that I have used the same organic skin care line for the past 5 years and people still think Im 26-27yrs. After doing some research I decided I wanted to try some new actives so I could see if I could remain looking that age for the next 10yrs (Fingers crossed)!! Stumbled across SAS and just received my first order today and excitedly cleaned, toned and dried my skin and first applied the DMAE serum, used my blow dryer to dry it faster and then applied the Collagen Serum over top. 20mins later I look in the mirror and I swear I look a year younger 25 maybe? My skin had an amazing glow, firmer, yet supple and my pores seemed to be visibly smaller. So, SAS Im impressed so far and will continue to update my reviews with continued use and as I try the other serums. Thanks so much!!
  • Author: Rebeccah Garrett
    This serum is great for tightening up your pores. I had read about a Botox cream in the works for minimizing pores, but I will stick with this & the collagen cream.
  • Author: Lori
    Love the tightness this serum provides but can't tolerate the pimples. Applying a very small amount made no difference - still looked like I was going through puberty. Not for me.
  • Author: Glen Young
    I love this serum. Haven't experienced any drying of skin, mind you I use collagen serum, uv repair cream, vit a cream, and anti aging cream....kinda obsessive I know but my skin has completely changed. The uv repair cream has taken 30 years off the look of my neck...amazing to say the least...took only about 3 months. The dmae serum has tightened my mini jowls completely and the vit a cream is truly a favorite, I swear I can feel it working when I apply it. All in all, the finest skin care products on the planet. Thank you everyone at skinactives.


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