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DMAE Bitartrate

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DMAE Bitartrate
Size: 10 Grams

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Body Part Body     Face    
Skin Type Combination     Normal Skin     Oily Skin    
Sex Male     Female    
Solubility Recipe Cream     Recipe Liquid (Water)    
Product Style Do It Yourself    
Age 40s/50s     60+    
Ingredient Type Lab Designed     Powder    
Need/Issue Skin Tightening    

DMAE improves the firmness of the skin and helps reduce the visual appearance of sagging skin. It is the signature ingredient in our ready to use 4% DMAE Serum.

DMAE is a frequent ingredient in Perricone's products.

DMAE is an amine-based alcohol, a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and is present in nerve tissue (in small amounts) and is more abundant in fish.

DMAE acts as a free radical scavenger due to the high electron content of its nitrogen atom. Once phosphorylated, DMAE is incorporated into the membrane of cells, protecting against cell membrane protein cross-linking. In addition, DMAE is an immediate precursor to choline, which is involved in cell membrane biosynthesis.

The mechanism of action of DMAE by which it increases skin firmness is unknown.

The actual percentage of DMAE by weight in the DMAE bitartrate salt is about 37%. To achieve a concentration of 3% DMAE in 4 oz (120mL) you will need about 10 gm DMAE bitartrate (the rest will be the tartaric acid).

DMAE Bitartrate added directly to a base cream will probably turn the cream into a runny lotion. To prepare a DMAE cream, mix the DMAE first with Sea Kelp, then combine the mixture with the cream. Try a little at a time so that your cream does not liquify, unless you don't mind using it as a lotion

DMAE bitartrate.
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: TINA
    I LOVE to add this to a spray small spray bottle with Aloe and use as a face toner. The DMAE makes the Aloe watery so it sprays well. I also add some GAMMA and Dermagen & a drop or 2 of the ANTI-OX to it, just a little, to give it a boost and I spray it on whenever I don't have any make-up on. Great stuff.
  • Author: Pia Francesca
    This is a must have active. I add this to all my creations, lotions, creams and serums that are for wrinkle reduction. DMAE Instantly creates a “tautening” effect unlike any other products I have used before. Taut is deeper then tight. The effect isn't a topical tightness like some serums that feel like you applied egg whites all over your face. It’s a deeper more permanent tautening. Its like an exercise tightness as apposed to wearing spanks. The effects last even after you wash your face.