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Coffee Fruit Extract

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Coffee Fruit Extract
Size: 1 Gram

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Skin Type Combination     Dry Skin     Normal Skin     Oily Skin    
Sex Male     Female    
Body Part Body     Face    
Solubility Recipe Cream     Recipe Liquid (Water)    
Product Style Do It Yourself    
Age Adolescent     20s/30s     40s/50s     60+    
Need/Issue Antioxidant Rich    
Ingredient Type Botanical Extract (Powder)     Powder    

This powder extract, incorporated into a cream, will provide antioxidant activity (as advertised in products such as KonaRed and Coffeeberry). Our coffee fruit extract is extracted from Kona coffee cherries and comes as a freeze dried powder.

This is an active ingredient in Revale cream.

Many of us wake up in the morning looking forward to a hot water extract of the roasted seeds from Coffea arabica L., a.k.a. coffee. Coffee fruits are fleshy berries, each containing two seeds which are pressed together so that the inner side of each one is flattened. Coffee is made from the ground, roasted seeds (coffee beans) that are removed from the coffee cherries (a.k.a. coffee berries). When the seeds are collected, the rest of the fruit is usually discarded, but now the skin care industry has made the coffee fruit a hot commodity. I think it was a great idea to use the up-to-now discarded coffee fruit, because it contains great actives with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities.

Coffee berry extract contains chlorogenic and caffeic acids (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory), ferulic acid (antioxidant), quinic acid (antioxidant, antiviral), trigonelline (antioxidant, anticancer, antibacterial), proanthocyanidins, caffeine, mannans and arabinogalactans; actives truly beneficial to our skin and our bodies.

Each tube (1 g) is enough for 4 oz of cream. Mix well until no particles can be seen. For a lighter color cream, add just a bit of powder; it is very rich in antioxidants and very little will go a long way. For a more complete cream, we recommend adding a couple drops of our Antioxidant Booster.

As with any freeze-dried extract, please keep the tube tightly closed in a cool, dry place. If the powder absorbs even a little water from the air, it may harden. If this happens, simply add a few drops of water and the powder will dissolve.

Coffee fruit extract.
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Mark
    After doing a little bit of late night research trying to find out which antioxidant would be the best one for me to use instead of the over-rated Idebenone, I stumbled upon a clinical study that noted Coffee Berry/Fruit as more potent. I then searched for products containing this ingredient. I learnt that there were only two department store companies selling products with this antioxidant. Priori was selling a serum at a cost of $136.00 now while Priori has done great things for my skin in the past I was not about to spend all that money on one product. So instead bought the ingredient here for a HUGE saving of over $130.00!!

    I havenít used this ingredient yet but just thought it was crucial to mention how much you will save by going the DIY route with Skin Actives.