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Coconut Endosperm (Kinetin)



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Besides the well known plant hormone, kinetin, coconut endosperm also contains vitamins, amino acids, sugars, minerals, and more.

Our coconut (Cocos nucifera) endosperm is dried using lipophilization (freeze drying), a method that ensures complete preservation of activity, as the water is evaporated at very low temperature. This process preserves activity until the user adds water or mixes the dry coconut endosperm with cream or lotion.

Please note: lipophilized extracts are very hygroscopic. Keep tube well closed in a cool, dry place until ready to use.


Each tube (5 g) is enough for about 4 fl oz of cream or lotion at approximately 4% concentration. First dissolve Coconut Endosperm in a small amount of warm water, then add to the cream or lotion. Use in your favorite cream or add to our Canvas Base Cream or European Cream.

Skin Nutrition Complex Gel: Add coconut endosperm to our Sea Kelp Coral to create the Skin Nutrition Complex. Each tube (5 g) is enough for about 4 fl oz of Skin Nutrition Complex at approximately 4% concentration.

Coconut endosperm.

Coconut milk is liquid endosperm. In nature it both stimulates the embryo to grow and at the same time supplies the embryo with food. Results from callus cultures show that its active components stimulate the growth of foreign cells, too. Endosperm is the seed tissue, both liquid and solid, used to provide nutrition to the plant embryo before it emerges and can obtain its own nutrition via photosynthesis.

Coconut endosperm is the perfect cell food because the embryo is isolated from the environment until emergence, and the liquid endosperm provides everything the embryo needs and stimulates its growth. J. Van Overbeek (Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht) introduced coconut milk in 1941 as a new component of nutrient media for plant cell cultures.

Tulecke, W. et al., (1961) The biochemical composition of coconut water (coconut milk) as related to its use in plant tissue culture. In Contributions of the Boyce Thompson Institute, vol 21, pp 115-128.

Customer Reviews**

  • Author: rebecca
    This gentle active seems to almost "feed" the skin. I can count on this to impart a silky feeling to my skin when I add it to my concoctions. I will be creating a body lotion for myself with this soon!


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