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Bisabolol (alpha)

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Skin Concern: Redness and irritation

Skin Type: All skin types

Dr. Sivak's Notes:

This natural chemical is partly responsible for the calming effect of chamomile essential oil, but will not lead to sensitization or allergic reactions.

Increases skin hydration and improves overall skin tone.

Greatly reduces redness and irritation.


Purchase 10 or more for an automatic discount. Other sizes available upon request at

Each tube is enough for about 8 fl oz of cream or lotion at approximately 1% concentration (2 mL in 240 mL cream), so we recommend using 1 mL in 4oz of cream. Use in your favorite cream or add to our Canvas Base Cream or our European Cream.

Do not use at concentrations over 1%. This active is not suitable for gels because it is not soluble in water.


α-(-)-Bisabolol is an unsaturated monocyclic sesquiterpene alcohol, partly responsible for the anti-inflammatory effect of chamomile essential oil. Bisabolol will not lead to sensitization or allergic reactions like essential oils can. Bisabolol is useful in the treatment of blemish prone skin and also helps with redness.*


The anti-inflammatory effect of bisabolol is comparable to corticosteroid compounds, with the clear advantage that it lacks the side effects that should make the use of corticosteroids (like hydrocortisone or dexamethasone) a last resort.*


(*See reference tab for scientific resources)


Madhavan, Bindu Nair (1999) Final report on the safety assessment of bisabolol. International Journal of Toxicology, 18(Suppl. 3):33-40.

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Jakovlev, V.; Isaac, O.; Thiemer, K.; Kunde, R. (1979) Pharmacological investigations on the components of chamomile. II. New investigation on the antiinflammatory effects of (-)-alpha-bisbolol and bisabolol oxides. Planta Medica, 35:125-40.

Yakovlev, V.; Von Schlichtegroll, A. (1969) Antiinflammatory activity of (-)- - bisabolol , an essential component of chamomile oil. Arzneimittel-Forschung (1969), 19(4), 615-16.

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  • Author: Jill
    I used this with allantoin and it helps a lot with acne breakouts for my teens, occasionally myself. Love it, too!


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